Casey Hallas Art


Don’t give yourself to these people
Do it for yourself – do it for the boy you were
You do it to survive – to be the only
Beautiful thing left in the world
It’s not worth the fight
Pick something easy
Do it with a smile on your face
Cry into your hands at night
It gets worse every day
It’s uglier and simpler
Don’t believe in man
Don’t believe in her
They lie to your face
And then turn away
Will not care if you die
Don’t believe in something pure
Don’t do it friends, don’t
They won’t give it to a man
Dreams are for the rich, boys
How will you make it one more day
Alone, pretend. Silence the talk
It’s only talk it’s just illusion
There is no one else but you
See what it takes
To be one of the greats
Disgrace, stay away from me
Fair weather friends, stay
I am unhappy to see your face
I’m a hippy living in the woods
Check your privilege, bitch
You see, equality?

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