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The point of being a good person isn’t to be thought of as a good person. It’s to do good in the world. There is nothing between your thoughts and the greater mind you can hide, and so any conceit about it gets in the way of the true purpose. Do you want to be a leader? It’s about what you lead to – not about you. You use your capacity to take people from one point to another. It’s about their level, not yours. If you’re going to make a difference, you have to find it inside yourself. True acceptance – for your own capacity and for those who harmed you. Move past it – it’s over. Nobody cares, after all. If they did, they’d be here with you. And if you’re doing it for the right reasons, the mistakes you made are teachable. You have to forgive yourself and offer yourself the same compassion you’d want to give and to receive. You have to receive it from yourself in order to finally transform. Any transformation in the world comes from personal transformation. Any leadership in the world comes from selfless giving. Give what you can when you’re finally ready by setting a good example. It’s very hard to live without desire, particularly in such a transactional society. Yet, in the very spirit of the thing, you should not expect anything in return. That is not the point of sacrifice. It truly is the practice that matters. The end of life is a mystery. Any inner peace you may wish on another you must have in order to teach. Loss transforms into strength. If you’re on the path, the harm becomes trivial. You lose the connection of individual achievement to ego death.

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