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When I move to Omaha I’m going to join a Unitarian Congregation. I believe in something greater than myself – I experienced it firsthand. It’s not “Casey thinks” – it’s something I know. I know, it was outside of my timeline. It informed my life from 1996 to present day. I just wouldn’t accept the dogma or hypocrisy. A lie that is used to perpetuate control is a crime against humanity. So what is the truth? I don’t know exactly, but I’ve been studying the question my entire life. I’m starting over. I’m starting over with a focus on health, family and community. You cannot draw arbitrary lines in who deserves to be valued and expect to be treated better. That is a lie. How many times have I experienced these value judgments? The safest place for me is in the flock. I can’t keep going on alone.

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