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Finishing up

I’ve got to stop trying to win people back over and just start trying to love again and make art. I wished so much to explain to you what happened and I went back to the beginning. I let pieces of the truth out. When anybody tries to find their way back to me – it’s been here for you all the time. I was here all the time waiting. Shitbags don’t define me – I lost my childhood and I lost my best chances for love when I was in college because of Michael. The pain I’ve lived with is beyond your comprehension. And here I am reforming my image. If you want to know me, then know me. I was trying to make the right decisions and people tripped me up on purpose. When I find that love again I’ll be ready. I won’t let anybody like Michael destroy my life again. He was always there undermining me. I don’t really understand it. But I can tell you, the life I lost was so much more beautiful. And here I’ve been my whole life fighting to be beautiful and nobody saw it or wanted to help. You’ll see it all before this is done. My soul exists in my work. You really have to see me on TV or have someone else tell you. That’s something I really have to get over. This has been one long SMH. I’m telling what happened now because I didn’t know what to do. This isn’t about picking sides. It’s about the truth and it’s about pain. Deep-faking and undermining is part of the game. That community does not have my back and these people I lost don’t love how I love. I have had to fight so hard to get here.

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