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The best justice is preventative justice. My dad encouraged me to be an artist and to go to a liberal arts college and I was sure I had the talent be successful at it. This is a LONG shot – really, the rarest way to make your way in the world, but I was absolutely convinced I could be one of the greats. That’s why the betrayal I experienced is difficult to accept. Someone from my own discipline played me so hard it damaged my mind. And then to pretend he’s concerned. I don’t want to be a part of any of it any more. I lost – I lost out on a life. I was walking wounded. I’m here trying to recover, still. Standing up for myself cost me even more people. So I lost – BECAUSE I loved. BECAUSE I was trying to be a great artist – I got hurt. Because I trusted someone who I thought represented the values of the institution. He does, in fact, represent those values…betrayal, hurting someone at the start of their life. Stepping on the romantic dream. You people have no idea the horror I experienced. But even the loss of one of my dear friends – another blow to the heart – doesn’t measure up to the freedom of no longer being angry about my failure. The pain was in the way of everything. The nature of reality, the creation of loss – that is the common experience I’ve come to know. That makes me an artist of even greater potential. It’s the human experience I make the art for and about. All these people who gave up, they gave up. I don’t need to worry about it. The choice has been clear. But I know something about FAIR. I know something about what’s worth fighting for. This is what helps me move on.

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