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Michael set me up. I was afraid – I was afraid to love Katie, but I loved her. Michael set up a conversation and led me down a path where I agreed it would be nice to have money because I was trying to be an artist. Yes, I admitted – it would be nice to not worry about money Michael. And then he goes and tells her to her face. And she comes to me and I don’t know what to say. He set me up Katie and you believed him. I lost you. She wouldn’t talk to me after that. I had a feeling of emptiness – a loneliness – what had always been there but then missing someone I’d fallen in love with. And just knowing she was somewhere else. She was upset and she believed him and then walked away and she wouldn’t talk to me after that. The same with with Megan. She and I had worked it out and I was the happiest I’d ever been in my life…and I fell down. Michael kicked me in the face and I lost the feeling. And I lost Megan. The next year he was prying me for information about the child abuse and neglect I’d experienced then he an Emily were bringing it up at parties and laughing in my face. All these things hurt my mind. They all affected my ability to learn and concentrate and losing these people after everything I had done to stay alive. And then Melissa and then I went down the rabbit hole. Who doesn’t care? None of these people. They’re all married and nobody looked for me. And here I am, still just trying to be the man I set out to be. These things they are doing destroy lives. I didn’t get to have love. It’s years of joy that I don’t have because these people wanted to trash me. Solitude and pain. Loss, horror. I support all my friends. They all have love. I lost the love I fought so hard to stay alive to find. And then he calls me crazy. That’s your friend. And they have all turned their backs on me. I ask myself how I stay alive. I have loved so deeply and lost so much.

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