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I just finished my first screenplay. When you have a story sitting in your brain like I do – it’s been wonderful to finally let it out. There is now space in my mind for healing…there were an incredible amount of thoughts and emotions connected to souls I wish not to have come into contact with. It’s amazing the amount of damage the willfulness a dark empath can bring to a person’s life. It is an incredible amount of time and energy dedicated to their work. And the strangest thing is the only way they can take from you is if you care about them in the first place. What a sad way to live. Stay clear. I think these people, as I get free from the pain they’ve caused me will find themselves in a new realm soon. A place where the damage they’ve done to others will finally come closing in around them. That is because I know this has been a battle of the spirit. The work I’ve done exploring the realms of consciousness have brought me closer to pain and death than I ever expected. I have survived that. Now, as a man the challenges I can endure, emotionally, are prison walls to these unkind people. I can turn them onto their backs. And that is because they never thought to and never began the work they would have needed to be truly free. I don’t worry about these people any more. They are falling further and further away in space and time…and the unfortunate connection I’ve had to them is finally severing. Because, in the end, wasn’t it really something about me they wanted to prevent from taking form. Something they despised. What a waste of life for them. What a total waste of their humanity. Yes, the walls of the prison are closing in. And the pain they created will become their pain. I don’t care to stay around and watch them crushed by the weight. I am a free man. Most people are stuck in a maze. I am free to meet you at your door. Call to me – I’ll come.

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