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2021 Personal Statement
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Casey Hallas (Studio)
330 N Grand Ave, Suite C
c/o Pullman Depot
Pullman, WA 99163

Professional Skills
Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting, Music Production, Video Editing, Live Video Mixing, DJing, Original Electronic Music, Folk Acoustic Performance, Accounting, Production Design, Video Installation, Digital Textile Printing, Page Layout, Web Site Design, Promotions, AV Presentations, Customer Service, Live Sound, Art Exhibitions, Videography, Project Management, Mentoring, Digital Photography, Producing, Filmmaking, Song Writing, Poetry, Jazz Performance (Upright Bass), Adobe, Microsoft, Spreadsheets, Powerpoint, Comedy, Writing, Consulting

Curriculum Vitae (In Progress)

Photos for educational purposes only

Pullman/Uniontown, WA πŸ“·
Halloween Contest (Judge/Organizer) – Pullman Depot, Oct. 2021
Wrapped Bicycle – UV printed sticker w/ paint, 2021
Hallas Park (Work in Progress) – Landscape/Architecture, 2020-Present
Proud Animal Companion – Rascal (Raskers) – Black Dog, 2011-Present
Never, Video Installation – Mobile Projection Surface, 2020
Infinite Tapestry Co. – Head Artist/Web Designer/Writer/Producer, 2021-Present
The Pullman Depot – Artist in Residence, July 2021-Present
Depot Days – Live Folk Acoustic Performance, Aug. 2021

Boise, ID πŸ“·
3100 W GRACE ST (Home) – Adobe Rehab/Muralist, 2015-2020
Komyozan Aikido – Student, 2018-present
Gem Center for the Arts – Artist in Residence, 2020-2021
Cactus Paw (Demo) – The World is Turning Sideways (Unreleased), 2020 β™©
Zombo Political Posters – Michael Divine, 2018
Lee Zappas Wedding – Disc Jockey, 2018
Lounge at the End of the Universe – Sound/Host/Performer, 2020-2021
– Cactus Paw – Live Acoustic Set, Aug. 2020
– Casey Hallas – Live Folk Ensemble, March 2021
– Johnny & The Dust – Acoustic Bass, March 2021
– Casey Hallas – Live PA (Gem City Showcase), July 2021
The Idaho Comedy Festival (Cipha Sounds) – DJ/Host/Sound, May 2021
– Standup Comedy Open Mic, May 2021
Damaged (Morningly Music Video) – Video Edit/Audio Production, Nov. 2019
Beginning Hip Hop Dance (Final Group) – JUMP Studios, Feb.-March 2019
Solo Painting Exhibition – The Mode Lounge, Nov. 2018
Casey Hallas Art (Garden City) – Studio, 2017-2019
New Years Eve – Music Performance/ Video Art, Dec. 2019
Day of Dead – Music Performance/Video Art, Nov. 2019
Net of Destiny (Film Premiere)Pool Boy in the Net of Destiny, Oct. 2019
First Friday Garden City Art Tours, 2017-2019 x
Terminal Uniqueness (Painting Exhibition), 2017-2019
Cactus Paw Live w/ Magento – Acoustic w/ Joe Hightower, June 2019
The Love Tribe, 2016-2019
Northern Lights, Video Installation – Paradise Hot Springs, DATE
Bold Jumper, Video Installation – Boise Ecovillage Festival, DATE
Idaho Burner’s Alliance (Xanadu Community Center) – Member, 2015

Big Image Systems US (Freelance Digital Textile Printing) πŸ“·
US Creative Director, 2017-2020
Big Image Systems UK (Co-Founder), 2016
US Artwork & Production Manager, 2012-2017

I managed production and artwork setup – including sewing specifications, technical drawings, prepress, shipping, budgets, billing and installations while working remotely for Big Image Systems’ European factories (Babelsberg, Germany / Stockholm, Sweden). These are some of my US clients and the institutions / productions I helped create large digital prints for (up to 40′ high seamless).

London, UK πŸ“·
Stretch (Broadway Market), Yoga Student, 2014-2016
– Yoga / Surf Retreat (OMASSIM) – Ericeira, Portugal, Oct. 2017
Big Image Systems UK (Co-Founder), Business Consultation, 2014

Flagstaff, AZ πŸ“·
No Requests – The Spider, Live Performance/Installation Feb. 2014
Zany’s Window Display – Design (w/ Mike All), 2014
Human BC – Video Artist (Live Mix), 2014-2015
– 502 E. Brannen Ave – First Friday, March 2015
Firecreek, Feb. 2015
Casey Hallas – Live Acoustic Folk Set, Mia’s, Aug. 2015
Flagstaff Folk Festival – Live Acoustic Folk Set, June 2014
Northern Arizona Yoga Center – Yoga Student, 2014-2016

Taos, NM πŸ“·
Bold Jumper – Video Mixing Installation, The Paseo Project, Sept. 2017
Instore DJ Set – Heads Up Music Store, Sept. 2017
Live DJ Mix – KNCE True Taos Radio, Sept. 2017
The Medicine Show 1 (Taos Mesa Brewery) – DJ/Video Mix/Promoter, DATE 2015
The Medicine Show 2 (Taos Mesa Brewery) – DJ/Video Mix/Promoter, DATE 2015
House Party – DJ Set, May 2015
Live at Taos Mesa Brewery – Folk Acoustic Set, Sept. 2014

Pittsburgh, PA πŸ“·
Videodrome w/ The Legendary Androids – Video Artist/Promoter, 2012-2013
Cheech, Chong, Fear & Lebowski – w/ Brotha Mike, April 2013 x
The Last Dick Ventura – w/ Aaron Clark, Feb. 2013 x
God – The End of Strange Days – w/ Jarred Tebbits & Jose Luis, Dec. 2012 x
Week-end at Bernie’s Junior – w/ .rar Kelly, Nov. 2012 x
179 43RD ST – 5 Unit Rehab, 2010-2019
Alice in Wonderland 2012 Garden Party (Mattress Factory) – Video Mix w/ Mr. Owl
Substrates: A Group ShowVideo Cave, UnSmoke Systems, July 2011 x
Lawrenceville Artists Studio Tour – Exhibitor (Rocking Horse), Oct. 2009 x
Backstage GuitarsCasey’s Corner (Non-Celebrity Endorsement), 2012-Present

VIA Music & New Media Festival (Video Mixing), Oct. 2012 x
Kassem Mosse / Shawn Rudiman, August 31, 2012

VIA (Video Mixing)
Santiago Salazar, Revy, Jason Cuban (Humanaut), October 5, 2012
– 6119 Penn Avenue – Artist in Residence (Video Mixing), Sept.-Dec. 2012
Pictureplane, Teengirl Fantasy, Gatekeeper, Majeure, Cutups – Jan. 28, 2011

Video Mixing (DJ Collaborations):
DJ n8thesk8, Lazercrunk, Get Weird, The Social Curator (Ron Trent, Sunshine Jones), Humanaut, Mr. Owl, Dave Sanchez, Jarrett Tebbets, Paul Dang, VIA, Brotha Mike
Venues (Pittsburgh): Istanbul, Cattivo, Belvederes, Lawrenceville Moose, Shadow Lounge, AVA Lounge, Remedy, Brillo Box, Eclipse Lounge

Rocking Horse Art Space – Gallerist/Promoter/Designer, 2010-2012 x
Readymade Apocalypse 2, DATE
Brokebeat w/ Mr. Owl – Host, July 2012 x
Month of Sound/El Conquistador – July 2012
Light & Loss, Casey Hallas Early Works – June 2012
Rocking Horse Open, Group Show, DATE
Rocking Horse Open 2, Group Show, DATE
Folktastica 11.0 – Music Show, April 2012
The Magic – Gallery Show, DATE
Perspectives – Installation, DATE
Winter Warmup – Installation, DATE
Window Shopping – Installation, DATE
Readymade Apocalypse – Gallery Show, Nov. 2011 x
Sacred Geometry – Gallery/Music Show, Nov. 2011 x

ELCO (Video Performance w/ chamber orchestra)
Future Tenant w/ Shana Simmons (Dance), Sept. 2012
– Remix at the Kelly Strayhorn – Video Mix/Original Electronica, Aug. 5, 2012 x
– The Anarchic Society of Sounds: Tribute to John Cage – Union Project, DATE 2012

RANT Music Festival (Co-Founder w/ Zombo), 2012-2016
– Logo/Poster Design, Aug. 2012 x
– Casey Hallas w/ Jeff Neely (The Legendary Androids), Aug. 2012
Help Keep Lawrenceville Loud – Logo/Poster Design, DATE
The H Brothers (Allegheny Wine Mixer), DATE
Snowball – Poster Design, Jan. 2013

Art All Night (Volunteer)
God Bless America – Video Installation, May 2009
– Video Festival – Organizer, May 2010
– Poster Design – May 2011 x
– Video Fest – Organizer, May 2011
– Late Night DJ Performance – Organizer, May 2011
The H Brothers – Music Performance, May 2011

Obvious (Video Artist)
House Party April 7, 2012 – Video Installation
Diesel March 15, 2012 – Video Mixing (Moldy, XXXY)
Mr. Smalls Theatre Dec. 15, 2012 – Video Mixing (Claude Von Stroke)
Lawrenceville Moose May 7, 2012 – Video Mixing (Jacques Green)

DJ Gigs
– New Amsterdam – Larrytown USA, Snacks (w/ Brian Bullets), DATES
– Garfield Artworks – Live DJ/VJ Set, DATE
– Eclipse Lounge – Crazy Heart Action Club w/ Ray Lugo, DATE
– Remedy – Last Call After Crawl (DJ/VJ Set) 1&2, DATES
– Brillo Box – Hotplate w/ Ray Lugo, DATES
– Istanbul, Cattivo w/ Brotha Mike, DATES
– Beehive, March 2012 x

Live Music
– Kelly Strahorn, Original Electronica w/ ELCO, Aug. 2015
– Belvederes – Low Noise Celebration, June 2012
720 Records – Casey Hallas Original Electronica w/ Sunshine Jones , DATE
Ava Lounge – Casey Hallas Live Electronic Mix, DATE
– Howlers – Casey Hallas Original Electronica, DATE
– Mendleson Gallery – Songs for Magnus w/ Mark Gualtieri, DATE
– Rocking Horse Artspace – Casey Hallas, DATE
– Arsenal Bowl w/ Drums-A-Go-Go (Jazz Ensemble) – Upright Bass, DATES
– x Fall Fest w/ Chad Sipes – Folk Acoustic (C-Town), Nov. 2009

Ithaca, NY
Grassroots Festival of Music & Dance – Battle of the Bands, Live Acoustic, 2014

New York City, NY (Digitally Printed Textiles) πŸ“·
Rose Brand Wipers, Director of Digital Imaging, 2008-2013

I managed production and artwork setup while living in New York City and working remotely in Pittsburgh – including sewing specifications, technical drawing, shipping, budgets, billing and installations. These are institutions and productions I helped create large digital prints for w/ seamless panel sizes up to 20′ x 40′.

Devil Horns Bicycle Gang, Rider/Graphic Design, DATE
New Kings Democrats, Graphic Design/HTML/Wordpress
Atlas of Insects – CD Cover Design, 2007 x
Newell Street Studios (Greenpoint, Brooklyn), Resident Artist, 2009-2012
Live PA/Video Mix, Casey Hallas – Cake Shop, Manhattan, 2012
Big Blue Meanie (Recording Studio) – The Love Idea, Unreleased LP, Oct 2012
Rose Brand Wipers, Quilt – Lobby Art Design, Secaucus NJ, June 2012

Pittsburgh, PA πŸ“·
Nargallery, Artist in Residence, 2001-2002
Low Noise Celebration, Studio Production/Composition (w/ C. Pistella), 2001-2003
Warmth – w/ Charles Pistella (first Electronic Show) – Quiet Storm, DATE
Pittsburgh Terminal Properties, Artist in Residence, 2003
GoldenROM – CD & DVD Packaging, Design & Prepress, 2001-2003

Chicago, IL πŸ“·
Chicago Flat Iron Building – Resident Artist, 1998-2000
EXE Digital Media Spectacle (Around the Coyote) – Video Mix/Promoter, Sept. 2000
Supersphere (Lumpen Times) – Videographer/HTML/Graphic Design, 1998-1999
Washington A16 WTO Protest (Washington DC) – Video Assistant, 2000
Imperfect Fluids Art Collective – Exhibitor/Performer/Videography, 1998-2001
Poetry Slams (Various), 1998-2001
Around the Coyote Arts Festival
Acoustic Folk Set (First Acoustic Show) – Main Stage, Sept. 2001
Analog 4-Track Mix – Flat Iron Hallway, Sept. 2001
– Program Designer, Aug. 2000
– Exhibitor, Aug. 2000 – Shut Up and Bleed (Animated Gif)
Live w/ Sam Saunders (Electric Bass), July 1999

Freelance Clients:
Miroslaw Rogala (Animated Gifs), 1999
– Ernst & Young (Multimedia), former Sears Tower, 1999
– (Graphics, HTML), 2000
– Nystrom (Print), 2000
– Pagoda Red (HTML), 1999
– McArther Foundation (HTML), 2000
– Outlook CMS (HTML, Writing), 2000
– Supersphere (Graphic Design, HTML, Videography), 2000

Grinnell College, IA BA Art, 1999 πŸ“·
Academic Scholarship, 1994-1999
ACM Semester in the Arts (Chicago) – Urban Studies, 1998
Big Shoulders Digital Video, Motion Graphics (Intern), 1998
Go Clear, First Self-Produced Electronic Single, Dec. 1998
The Way Things Are, HTML/Interactive Fiction (Student Project), 1996
Dining Services – cleaned tables, washed pots & pans, 1994-1995
Titular Head Student Film Competition
The Accident – Music Video for Careful With That Axe Eugene (Analog), 1995
Sweating to the Oldies – Video Mixing (Analog), 1997
– Grand Price – Pat, The Gay Bicycle (Digital Short), 1998
– Best Direction – Torey Breadstickhands (Digital Short), 1998
HUM Productions – Recording Artist, Performer (Much), 1994-1996β™©
Alone (first studio recording, HUM Anthology, Iowa City) Songwriter, 1997
Chicken Eye Drop (HUM Anthology), Songwriter, 1997
Swim Back Home (Live Cassette), Performer/Producer/Cover Design, 1997
– Live Video Mix for shows
KDIC 90.3 College Radio – Disc Jockey/Amateur License, 1994-1996
GUM Magazine – Hand Drawn Advertisements, 1995-1996
Grinnell Herald/Register – Advertising Editor, 1996
Grinnell College AV Center – AV Specialist, 1995-1998
Grinnell College AV Center Digital Media Intern (Paid) – Summer, 1996
– Self-taught Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere & Authorware
– Watched the Grinnell College LaserDisc Collection
– created Casey’s Guide to Grinnell: An Exercise in Mediocrity, 1996 (Authorware)
Junior Varsity Soccer – Starting Forward, 1994-1997
Junior Varsity Soccer – Leading Scorer, 1995
Angela (Theatre Performance) – Live Video Mix w/ Dancer, 1996
Alice in WonderlandVideo Cave (Installation), 1997
Jazz Ensemble – Upright Bass (First Chair), 1995
Percussion Ensemble, 1995

Quincy, IL πŸ“·
Saint Peter’s Church, Alter Boy, 1991-1994
QHS Senior Class ’94 – Most Artistic
QHS Permanent Collection ’94 – Video Still (Photographic Print)
Quincy Fine Arts Society Student Exhibition, 1994 – Best in Show (Oil Pastel)
Video Editing Internship – QHS Library, 1993-1994
Q.U. Jack McKenzie Soccer Camp, 1993 – 1st Place 2/2 Competition (w/ N. Scott)
QHS Orchestra – First Chair (Contrabasso), 1992-1993
Quincy Hearts Select Soccer – Starting Midfield, 1993-1994
Muddy River Opera Co. – Cover Design: Chanticleer, Elixer of Love, 1993-1994
Illinois All State Orchestra, 1994 – Contrabasso
Illinois High School Jazz Ensemble – First Chair Regionals (Electric Bass), 1993
Eastern Illinois Jazz Camp (Full Scholarship), 1992
University of Illinois Orchestra Camp (Full Scholarship), 1993
QHS Jazz Band – First Chair (Upright/Electric Bass), 1992-1994
QHS Theatre Department, 1992-1994
– Orchestra Pit: The Music Man, Oliver, South Pacific (Contrabosso)
– Acting: Harvey (Dr. Chumley), 7 Keys to Baldpate (Jim Cargan)
– Program Design: South Pacific, 7 Keys to Baldpate

Iowa City, IA
University of Iowa Art Camp, 1991-1992
– Special Awards: Drawing, Radio Humor, Video Production

Special Thanks:
Ivan Perry, Pip Gordon, Kristin McGee, Gabriel Grout, Brian Wagner, Joel Foreman, Ed McNulty, Andy Kropa, Dan Stevenson, Matthew Atherton, Lee Zappas, Leif Anderson, Melissa Bezanson-Shultz, Torey Liepa, Florin Tucherman, Kathi Dooley, Dan Brown, Tom Burnett, Nathan Scott, Ed Fonza, Grant Paul, Kim Larimore, Jill Adams, Nicky Six, Larissa Williams, Hank Rischar, David Hulson, Peter Holt, Joe Moore, Becky McNinch, John Hallas, Bob Mejer, Jenna Hallas, Evan Hallas, David Hallas, Deb Pierson, Tucker Trainor, Charles Pistella, Matthew Bodnar, Chris Comeau, Darryl Poellnitz, ELCO Orchestra, Northern Arizona Yoga Center, Vex, SMI, 720 Records, Shadow Lounge, Lauren Goshinzki, Ed Marzewski, Tony Mastriani, Lee Wells, Sam Saunders, Laura Roeper, Richard Roeper, Emily Price, Shawn Rudiman, Zombo, Aaron Clarke, Erin Magoc, Erin Cooper, Brian Bullets, Leigh Yock, Kara Zupancic, Jen Adams, Keenan Hallas, Toni Hagen, Peter Finder, Bob Bertrand, Victoria Williamson, Peter Monahan, Tiesha Williamson, Josh Jacobstein, George Jacobstein, Tom Coulouris, Mike All, Jessica Ventura-Ewing, Scott Benton, Michael Hawke, Backstage Guitars, Werner SchΓ€fer, Charlotte Schwarzmeier, Rachel Federman, Alex Hills, Donna Gabbidas, Doan Wilson, DJ Bonehead, Tobit Linke, Jiawei Li, Ray Matthews, Tony Parks, Byron Groves, Kumail Nanjiani, Herbie Hancock, John Lee Beatty, Rush Jenkins, Diane Ricci, Jay Byrd, Joseph Citro, Kelsey Watson, Kurtis Garner, Jojo & Marsha, Goldy, Jonah Shue, Josh Weidner, Lizz Westman, Mary Anne Scott, Kimbal Anderson, Matt Vorhies, Johnny Hesch, Brad Borgman, Gino White, Jon Warren, Andy Brooks, Mark Gualtieri, Thrive Web Design, Rachel Hallas, Sarah Hallas

* Won Engineering Emmy 2004 & AMPAS Technical Achievement Award 2001
** My first feature film – Natalie Portman Best Actress Oscar 2011