Casey Hallas Art

On Video Mixing

Video Mixing (VJing) is a live performance art technique that involves the projection or presentation of a video image (or multiple signals) as a part of creating an environment or to enhance staging. The individual mixing video uses alternative methods of combining multiple forms of video content into a complementary or environmental expression – often in conjunction with music that is being performed.

The history of film loops and live projection techniques predate this form. Andy Warhol referred to his expression with these experiments as the “Exploding Plastic Inevitable.”

Whether using video tape or a digital signal – software and analog hardware allow artists to combine multiple video signals by using cutting techniques, visual effects and the manipulation of time – live.

I think of Video Mixing (VJing) as a form of live painting – painting with light – and as a mode of dance. I trigger meaning by quoting popular media and my own video projects. I am highly focused on looping, movement, abstraction and synesthesia.

Audio-reactive analog signal used for mixing at The Idaho Comedy Festival.