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You will notice vintage cable noise samples laid on top of otherwise pristine recordings in an effort to recreate the garage sounds of American home recordings from 1998-2021. Pick up albums at Casey Hallas on Bandcamp and soon to launch in worldwide digital stores paying fractions of pennies per play – March 15, 2022.


I’m putting the wraps on my first full-length album – Creature Dances. I’ve got a least one other album in the bag and 9 electronic EP’s to drop. The goal is to capture my video art collection and make video mixes for all the content. I’ll get it up on Bandcamp which will push to Apple and Spotify – then for sale. You’ve got to support the artist, man. After that I’ll move through the poetry songs one at a time until I’ve exhausted the content, and then – it’s time to hang up the old hat on some of these dreamy dreams. I’m lonely – don’t want to go broke with nothing to show for it.


A great sign of respect for all we’ve been through together is your support of my work.

Creature Dances

My first unofficial official album! My music teacher tells me it’s a “head form.” I based it around jamming in a bebop style like we did in jazz camp. I’ve been hanging out at Atom Heart Music in Pullman and based this work around ideas we were tossing around up in the jam space. There is some thought paid to modality here – the basic chord changes set up mode changes between the solos and I think there are some great moments. I spent a lot of time mixing and mastered this myself. I found that I needed to do very little to finish it – pretty much just a limiter on the master channel once I equalized and ran through the mix in Ableton Live. I’ll be putting this out and launching through Infinite Tapestry Co. in 2022. The next step is a long format music video. More on that to come. I went to the same college as Herbie Hancock. That’s because Herbie Hancock went there. Did you kick Herbie Hancock in the face as well?


It’s good to move beyond the idea that you need to be known for something. The spirituality is in the doing.

Tuesday, Nov. 30

Today I went to Hallas Park and painted under my pine tree. These are artisan spray paints, whose damn tips never work and always seem to disappear. I have almost no control of the medium, which I suppose is what the paintings are about. I went grocery shopping after that, picked up some espresso-infused cheese and persimmons. Next I stopped by the music store to put some effects on sale. Vic showed me the studio space upstairs, which is magical and also doesn’t exist on Instagram. He doesn’t yet know but he’ll be a co-lead in the feature film I’m producing. Porter told me some stories about Miles Davis. My studio at the Depot had materials I left outside and in the lobby accumulated outside my door, a clear sign they need to be taken away. Tomorrow, I’ll put them in storage but not until I email Kathleen to tell her it will be taken care of soon. Tomorrow is also the day rent checks are due. Earlier in the day I saw my friend Katie, who works at the coffee shop. I told her the famous Big Ben quote, of Steelers lore. And, as she has a feeding tube now going into her nose, I told her it’s actually quite fashionable since Dune is still in the theaters. Cheers Collegewood, cheers. I’ll see you out there.

Making Art

I create culture for imaginary people because I don’t have real people to share culture with.