Casey Hallas Art

About this Website

Design & Development

The website you’re viewing is built to HTML5 and CSS3 standards and uses responsive design techniques to make it work on your mobile phone as well as your desktop machine. It is powered by WordPress using a custom theme developed by Pittsburgh Web Designer Nathan Swartz. The design was a collaboration between Casey Hallas himself and ClickNathan.

Taking advantage of WordPress custom taxonomies and post types, we’re able to bring you cool functionality like the Song Tree.

Privacy Policy

From a privacy standpoint, the website does not collect any personally identifying private information except that which you willingly volunteer, such as using Facebook or other social media features, or participating in comments on the website.

At times, we may use third party tools like Google Analytics to determine how many visitors are coming to the site, which pages they’re viewing, how long they’re sticking around for…and even detect IP addresses in order to determine where in the world visitors are accessing the site. However, none of this information is used to specifically identify any particular individual in any way.

Technical Difficulties

If you experience any difficulties using the site, please do let us know.