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Song Tree presents the idea that a song is alive. An artist should release many versions of a composition. Songs change as they are performed and are never really finished. By creating this archive I’m using Song Tree to show the larger effort that goes into recording music. I made all of this – from writing to producing – and gave my life to making art using my own time and money, not just to make my own work, but helping other artists along the way. I ask that if you like the music contribute by paying for a song on Bandcamp so I can keep creating. I’m an independent artist. If you believe in me and you believe in the power of music I ask for your support.

Is Pool Boy

A remix album.

One Million Kisses

Vocal Mix

Living in the desert and missing someone.

I Won’t Learn to Lie

Post-folk Mix

This was to be on the love child brain fart pipe dream that was The Love Idea. Tim Gilles on drums. It's post-folk, it's an aesthetic.



Buy this, I dare you.

Lost Bass Riff

Oh yeah baby - coming in hot & funky!


Hollow-body acoustic electric bass through an Alesis rack mount effects module with reverb dialed in. Help! I'm lonely!

Creature Dances: 4 Track Attack

Pissing Contest

Cable noise - we can do better than this.

Creature Dances (Four Track Mix)

Using the Tascam to produce grooves in 2022.

Skeletal Inquiry

Bare bones beats and bass.

Bo Knows

He know this. He knows that. He knows things.

Well Enough Alone

How about another 24 minute jam? It's winter.