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Launching my new project Infinite Tapestry Co. while DJ’ing on the sidewalk at my new studio – Pullman Depot, Suite B in Washington State

Apocalypse Family

Boise Comedy Festival

The North

I scored a little plot of land in Washington State. Here I am praying to the landowner to accept my offer. It’s a small lot in an agricultural town. I have chickens and goats for neighbors and the people are poor. That is perfect for me, to blend in as a hermit. The parcel has about 30 mature fruit trees on it, the scrolling plums are my future subject and the shadows of the seasons. There is a barn nearby with artist studios for rent. I want to take care of the trees and use the fruit to make jam.

Casey's Corner
Casey's Corner


The end result is not what I sought but I have no regrets being a romantic. The world isn’t the same place it used to be. At least I fought for beauty.