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Apocalypse Family

Mamsel in Distress

And so it was when I was in Chicago trying to be a painter – lost work, losing my apartment at 21 years old. I couldn’t get health care unless I was homeless. I couldn’t get help. I felt empty – like I was rusting from the inside, out. My dad had to come get me. And it was that same bastard laughing and calling me crazy to everyone I loved. I wanted to be dead after that, and if you knew the people I lost, maybe you’d understand why I had lost so much hope. But I kept going and I came through to now…that’s what love means to me. Escaping hell, again and again. To be a man. I’m lonely. I stay alive because of a few moments of love when I was 17, 18. I know it makes a difference in a man’s life – I can’t settle for less than what I know is true. I had to lose everything in order to learn to fight for what I love – through violence and betrayal. I fight for love with every step I take and it’s part of everything I create.

Hallas Park

I scored a little plot of land in Washington State. Here I am praying to the landowner to accept my offer. It’s a small lot in an agricultural town. I have chickens and goats for neighbors and the people are poor. That is perfect for me, to blend in as a hermit. The parcel has about 30 mature fruit trees on it, the scrolling plums are my future subject and the shadows of the seasons. There is a barn nearby with artist studios for rent. I want to take care of the trees and use the fruit to make jam.

Casey's Corner
Casey's Corner


The year that angry white people did more for Critical Race Theory than Foucault has done for France!