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The best way to describe my company is a Casey cult that sells useful products.

The Love Idea Final Production Notes

Infinite Tapestry Co. Presents:

In 2006 an artist living in Brooklyn spends his life savings to create a concept album, an emo-musical called The Love Idea. When it’s finally released 17 years later it’s such a masterpiece that it goes viral, he finds a new girlfriend and the music inspires a generation.

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Event Flyers

I’ve done my best to compile flyers for the events I’ve participated in or produced. There are things that have been lost to history but I hope to demonstrate my commitment to producing and staying involved in the art and music community.

Casey's Corner
Casey's Corner
Song Tree presents the idea that a song is alive. An artist should release multiple versions of their compositions. Songs change as they are performed and are never really finished. By creating this archive I’m using Song Tree to show the larger effort that goes into creating recorded music.


Today’s the last day of not working. It’s really just come to a head – I can’t let myself run out of money. Almost 4 years without a full-time job. I’d say most of my plans failed but I did land on my feet, with a house and with everything I need to create what I’m interested in creating. The last part is psycho-emotive – I really needed to figure out what was happening to my brain before I put myself back out there. Honestly, I’ve needed every second of this break. I had to get organized. I had to get help. In the end the person who emerges is healthier and engaged. I wouldn’t have had enough energy without getting healthy. The loneliness is holding me back now. I still have trouble engaging in small talk but it’s something I need to finally get over. Get over the fear of loss. Enjoy the puzzles. I needed to sort through all of this to navigate safely. I’m scared too, because I don’t want to go back out there, but it’s not like I was busy every second making work. Got my painting show started. Got to practicing my songs with Keenan. Got my label started and released my music. I guess the futility is finally catching up with me. But this is a great city – I found what I need to do to be OK. Gotta try to be OK. Still not there yet but reality is at my doorstep now and it’s time to walk out the door again. Wish me luck! I wish I were free. This has been practice – after everything, from then until now I see this emptiness is what I need to fill. I start from here, with or without the headache. Not quite sure.