Casey Hallas Art

Hallas Park

I scored a little plot of land in a small agricultural town in Washington State. I have chickens and goats for neighbors and the people are poor. That is perfect for me, to blend in as a hermit. The parcel has about 30 mature fruit trees on it, the scrolling plums are my future subject and the shadows of the seasons. There is a barn nearby with artist studios for rent. I want to take care of the trees and use the fruit to make jam. I got some trimming done this year but little else…a quote for an industrial building. A woman from Lewiston recognized me from my Youtube videos at The Lounge at the End of the Universe. Isn’t that funny! I’ve been painting under the large pine tree and I keep large bags with pieces of an installation. The local kids come through. I caught a couple girls there when Erin was visiting from Pittsburgh. No need to be angry. It’s a magic place for me too. Chances are I’m gonna be selling the house in Baker City and moving to Omaha this summer. My brother is there. Unless somebody has a better idea…so Hallas Park will be sold as well. I don’t want to work too hard until then. I’ll finish up this group of paintings and record my folk songs first.