Casey Hallas Art

Creature Dances

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Part 2: Youtube | Apple | Spotify

Creature Dances
Shaman’s Walk
Winter Grasses
Creature Dances
The White Christmas

Four Track Attack
Pissing Contest
Creatures Dances (4 Track Attack)
Skeletal Inquiry
Bo Knows
Well Enough Alone

I was jamming with Lub Dub in Pullman and Porter Fitch brought up all the stuff around the Santa mythology so I ran with that. Originally I was just droning on C and Bb and doing all the stuff you hear on 4 Track Attack. But after a while I started looking into chords using those two notes and wrote a chord progression you can kind of hear working on Creature Dances. It’s a lot tighter on Winter Grasses and The White Christmas which is a metaphor and a drink they made at Red Star in Moscow. I was channeling Miles and Bird and Herbie on the solo parts that make up those head jams – Creature Dances and The White Christmas. Not being able to resist myself I then did the mixes you hear on 4 Track Attack which is exactly was that is – mixes off a Tascam and a cassette. Whelp, that’s music.