Casey Hallas Art


Travelers in time get a check,
They go town to town following Flesh;
Funny thing is they’re not ever there.
Not like the man who goes to work,
He doesn’t have that many days off.

I know a guy, goes to the Met;
Goes to the park, fishing days off;
The new Avant-Garde,
It isn’t Avant-Garde at all

We live in a house like the rest;
Our place has four walls closing in.
We try to forget what we learned
Is it right or is it wrong
When we read that funny guy Karl?

Cellular life, creepier thoughts;
Look in the sky, it’s getting thin.
The new science kids,
I don’t think they really get off.

They say you can be whatever you want;
Sounds great to me, I want to make art.
The places for me are run by the state.
I only want to find a way out,
I gave it all up for somebody’s cause

ACOD volatile me;
had to grow up when I was three.
I want to be loved, I don’t believe
A drug can do that.

I met you blind,
I met you blind when I met you stoned;
Later on love, later on when we get alone;
Try to love me, I’ll ruin your life.

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