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Creature Dances

My first unofficial official album! My music teacher tells me it’s a “head form.” I based it around jamming in a bebop style like we did in jazz camp. I’ve been hanging out at Atom Heart Music in Pullman and based this work around ideas we were tossing around up in the jam space. There is some thought paid to modality here – the basic chord changes set up mode changes between the solos and I think there are some great moments. I spent a lot of time mixing and mastered this myself. I found that I needed to do very little to finish it – pretty much just a limiter on the master channel once I equalized and ran through the mix in Ableton Live. I’ll be putting this out and launching through Infinite Tapestry Co. in 2022. The next step is a long format music video. More on that to come. I went to the same college as Herbie Hancock. That’s because Herbie Hancock went there. Did you kick Herbie Hancock in the face as well?

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