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Something Terrible

About to head downtown Omaha for a music festival…what a horrible few days I’ve had. This is where I’m at. No matter how hard I’ve worked, no matter how good the art is, or the music – under it all, I’m simply too alone to continue pushing forward with any of it. The things that set me back just set me back too far and the idea that I would prove people wrong some day doesn’t have the same pull it once did. And neither does my love for humanity. There aren’t words to describe how badly I’ve been hurt. And on top of it is the way people have alternatively given up on me, or even treated me horribly because they think I deserve to be punished. I am simply fed up with all of it. It’s there, just out of reach and always so far and no matter what the part of myself that says, I can succeed, that part of me is perhaps the broken part. It’s not even wanted. So I look out into the city and it’s not looking for me. Nobody is. It’s been a long time and I can’t get any support. And what is tragic to me is a private tragedy, I was failed. And I don’t have any more resources to waste. What a sad song…a voice disappearing. I can’t keep ending up here. I can’t do it any more. The light is slipping away – I held on so tightly. At the end of this journey I can’t come up with something beautiful to say. There isn’t a light. I can’t make it work. I hope I can mourn. I want to cry but I can’t. There is no answer, there are no words. It’s just a broken door that’s closing on a life that wasn’t meant to be. There is no love. I have to give up on my dreams.

The Love Idea

Everything is named;
All styles and everything
We put into a box.
Every study has a name; this style suck, end;
The pleasures on the inside mind, body, bank.
Now when you go out looking
I’ll tell you what you’ll find;
The bullshit train, the trashcans full.
You’ll hear all the voices, all the noisy teachers,
No one teaches Truth.

So what you going to do?
Gonna be a better man,
Gonna be a kinder friend.
It’s like the rebel said –
What would be your will
If you could own the world?

Now if we lived in public everyone could learn.
We could watch the sacred puppets try to be
The men.

Personal crusader spiders went out weaving,
Spiders weaving Christ. The players at the turnstyle
Trade suicide for brawn; a name is on the can.

So what you going to do?
Gonna be a better man,
Gonna be a kinder friend.
It’s like the rebel said –
What would be your will
If you could own the world?

And words like line and line like song.
You must know the price, that choosing is the life.
Ask for simple pieces and hope for better ones;
Get lost in Babylon until you find the love.
Saluting to the tribe, grumpy men with wives,
I ride a bike.

So what you going to do?
gonna be a better man
gonna be a kinder friend
It’s like the rebels said –
What would be your will
If you could own the world?

That’s the Love Idea, ye-ah,
That’s the Love Idea.

Stay Here With Me

Summer, I know, is pushing the roses;
When cut from the earth
They’re not meant to last.
I am a sign, I am a road.
You must be seeing to know where I go.

Stay here with me, please;
Stay here with me.

I am suspicious that nobody hears
No matter how hard I pray –
It’s not what I need.
You are my garden, you are my heart.
What can I tell you
Now that you know?

Stay here with me, please;
Stay here with me.
Here we are one,
Here we are one.

You’re kind. That mind!
You say things, your feelings.
I’ve been here some time –
Just wishing someone needs me.

Stay here with me, please;
Stay here with me.
Here we are one,
Here we are one.
Here we are one…
Here we are one.

The Love Idea

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The Love Idea
Lovers for Life
The Dying Schools
Cosmic Stream
Lovers for Life Pt. 2
I Won’t Learn to Lie
Safety First
Meow Power
Tom’s Flight to India
Hallas Flyby
The Love Idea Pt. 2

In 2006 an artist living in Brooklyn spends his life savings to create a concept album, an emo-musical called The Love Idea. When it’s finally released 17 years later it’s such a masterpiece that it goes viral, he finds a new girlfriend and the music inspires a generation. All because he used his birthday wishes to ask for World Peace and True Love.

Update: I believe true love is real. World Peace isn’t possible but World Peacefuller is. Ask for that instead.

Cosmic Stream

Your looks sends falling to the stairs
I don’t get the very first part
Learn me with all regret around
Hold on, do the best you can
The thing they lock up at the store
It helps to keep you feeling down
The thing they lock up at the store
It helps to keep you feeling down
You know the world has animals
They’re cute not like all of us
Just ’cause you can close the door
Doesn’t mean the thing is gone
The good could come
If we could talk it out
The good, good for everyone
If we could talk it out
Go tell mom to sell the farm
He’s the one who turned you on
He’s got stuff and he’s got style
And he has got what rhymes with style
You just wanted to believe in fire

Dance Floor Symphonies

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The Quiet Storm

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Air Conditioning
Wicker Man
All Tomorrow’s Warnings
Evil Live
Clem Trails

In June 2002 I was living on the South Side Slopes in Pittsburgh. Charles Pistella helped book us a show at The Quiet Storm, a new coffee shop on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh. I was editing down sound loops and performances using free software to my Tascam 4-Track and mixing those back live, projecting video samples with Arkaos software. I’d submitted samples of my folk songs to the Around the Coyote Arts Festival the year before and in September of 2001 took a train to Chicago to play my first live gig singing and to do performance in the hallway of the Flat Iron Building with my Tascam. On Friday I got invited to a loft party in Wicker Park – someone who saw me playing. He organized music for O’Hare and was interested in booking me for some music there. Oh this is big, I thought – just like Brian Eno. I saw Aaron Wagner that weekend, he was at that loft party too and we spent a fair amount of time together. I took the train home Monday night and when I entered the station in the morning the first Twin Tower was hit on TV and then the second. Suffice it to say – the gigs at the airport stopped when Tom lost his funding. Last year I went through my minidisc recordings and digitized everything that could be released, but I didn’t find what I made for The Quiet Storm. Then last Tuesday my dad took the dog for a day and when I was in my basement cleaning I opened up the case for my cassettes, and there it was. The 4-track master. I would describe this music as proto-songs. Some of these loops and ideas made it into other recordings, like Down in Wicker Park and Final Answer. These are asynchronous sound loops with polyrhythms bonding and unbonding as I mix. But more specifically, it’s as dark and foreboding, and soulful, as a poor, depressed artist can be after 9/11. It was even better than I remembered it.