Casey Hallas Art

Event Flyers

I’ve done my best to compile flyers for the events I’ve participated in or produced. There are things that have been lost to history but I hope to demonstrate my commitment to producing and staying involved in the art and music community.

Hallas Park

I scored a little plot of land in a small agricultural town in Washington State. I have chickens and goats for neighbors and the people are poor. That is perfect for me, to blend in as a hermit. The parcel has about 30 mature fruit trees on it, the scrolling plums are my future subject and the shadows of the seasons. There is a barn nearby with artist studios for rent. I want to take care of the trees and use the fruit to make jam. I got some trimming done this year but little else…a quote for an industrial building. A woman from Lewiston recognized me from my Youtube videos at The Lounge at the End of the Universe. Isn’t that funny! I’ve been painting under the large pine tree and I keep large bags with pieces of an installation. The local kids come through. I caught a couple girls there when Erin was visiting from Pittsburgh. No need to be angry. It’s a magic place for me too. Chances are I’m gonna be selling the house in Baker City and moving to Omaha this summer. My brother is there. Unless somebody has a better idea…so Hallas Park will be sold as well. I don’t want to work too hard until then. I’ll finish up this group of paintings and record my folk songs first.


A Ken Kesey kind of thing – Never – this cart carries my art supplies and can hold 2 of my projection screens. Some Catholics helped me build it – it was SO expensive! The voile screen on the right swings out to 90 degrees. I’ll get this out into the wilderness with some projectors, a sound system and throw down post-modern like I do. This installation incorporates the Bold Jumper mask I used at Paseo as well. You can dance on the top level and there’s room for a DJ booth at the front.

The Spider

The spider is a sculptural installation that’s used for video mapping. I’m using 3 different kinds of fabric – flag cloth, gauze and voile. The light will pass through the layers so when I map to one surface you can see it on more than one layer.  It also passes through to the wall. It’s dynamic in the sense that wind will affect the surfaces as well. The subtext is I created something out of leftover construction supplies when I lived in New Mexico and I’ve always been working toward projecting the scene of the original onto the sculpture. It’s a way of trying to capture/recreate a moment…a time machine. And my spirit animal – the Bold Jumper, phidippus audax. When I did my installation with Love Tribe I used these panels upside down to form the face of the spider (a total coincidence BTW). From there I designed a single panel with Beej that he sewed for my camper – that I used at Paseo in Taos when DJ Bonehead hooked me up with a gig.