Casey Hallas Art

The Spider

The spider is a sculptural installation that’s used for video mapping. I’m using 3 different kinds of fabric – flag cloth, gauze and voile. The light will pass through the layers so when I map to one surface you can see it on more than one layer.  It also passes through to the wall. It’s dynamic in the sense that wind will affect the surfaces as well. The subtext is I created something out of leftover construction supplies when I lived in New Mexico and I’ve always been working toward projecting the scene of the original onto the sculpture. It’s a way of trying to capture/recreate a moment…a time machine. And my spirit animal – the Bold Jumper, phidippus audax. When I did my installation with Love Tribe I used these panels upside down to form the face of the spider (a total coincidence BTW). From there I designed a single panel with Beej that he sewed for my camper – that I used at Paseo in Taos when DJ Bonehead hooked me up with a gig.